the story of eagle rock

Eagle Rock's official story begins on August 16, 1878 when the Reynolds' Bridge community held a meeting for the purpose of receiving subscriptions and erecting a place of worship for its residents. But like many such stories it really began with the faith of people living in the area who dared to dream of such a place and to pray for its realization.

At this first meeting a committee of five trustees was elected to move forward with the project: three of them were residents of the Reynolds Bridge community and two from the Congregational Church of Thomaston.  Things moved quickly from this first meeting. On May 24, 1879 Articles of Association were drawn up and read as follows:

"We the subscribers desirous of the enjoyment of public worship and of processing all the rights and privileges of other religious societies in this state, do hereby voluntarily associate and form ourselves into a religious society to be known by the name of Eagle Rock Congregational Society of Thomaston, and to claim under the aforesaid name all the rights and privileges given by the statutes of the state of Connecticut to religious societies and congregations." 

The American Knife Company deeded the property on June 7, 1879, to the Eagle Rock Congregational Society.


After sharing a minister with the Thomaston Congregational Church for two years, Eagle Rock was able to call its first pastor for a term of one year and an annual salary of $700. His name was Mr. Pohl.

Eagle Rock Congregational Church celebrated its 50th anniversary on October 27, 1929. Many visitors and members of the Naugatuck Valley Association took part in the services.

Dark Days for Eagle Rock

On January 21, 1946, a janitor died at the church.  When officials came to investigate the cause of death an explosion occurred in the church resulting in extensive damage. The cause was a leak in the gas pipes.  The members of Eagle Rock rallied to the support of their church. They held suppers and various entertainments to raise money to pay for the repairs. The first services again held in the church began on Mother's Day of 1947. It was a memorial service.

New Light

Since that time the church has obtained adjoining property for parking areas and an addition was made to the church structure in 1962. In 1979 Eagle Rock was 100 years old. Now well into the 21st century, the church continues to provide worship services, religious education, and community support to residents of the area.  The real history of any church is found in the memories of its members. As additional information is added to this page, we'll be sharing some of those memories.

Eagle Rock Church 2015

Deaconess Donna Sanford and Pastor Patricia Pryor